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5 Retailers and how they use Social Media

Retailers are using social media to engage with the customer by listening and answering questions and concerns. They also need to come up with a marketing plan for social media. This is where people are at now and you will be able to reach them.

Walmart uses Facebook to show how its brand has grown over time. They post images, hold caption competitions, and and sports chat. They have 26 million Facebook fans. They use Twitter to post questions, sport topics and caption contests. They have a Pinterest account to promote green living and product ideas.


JCPenney has 2.7 million Facebook fans. They post to inform their customers what is going on with the store. They post the new styles by showing showing pictures of new lines of clothing. They post new home decor and sale announcements. They want to engage with the custojcpmer by asking open-ended questions. JCPenney has a Twitter account that focuses more on customer service. They post videos on Youtube not to promote products but to let the customers know what’s going on with the company. They do use Pinterest to promote products though. They post pictures of clothes, home decor, and etc.


Kohl’s asks fans to vote on their Facebook page on which items they prefer discounts on. They post about their favorite designers and brands. Kohl’s has a Twitter page and they post in a way to get people talking about their products. They have Youtube videos offering styling tips and new products. The Pinterest page promote the contest Hauls of Fame.

Lowe’s uses Facebook to communicate with customers. Lowe’s twitter page raises community awareness. They answer questions and concerns with customers. The Pinterest pages has project ideas for around the house like for landscaping and interior design. They also have grilling recipes on the board.


Dollar Tree is big into connecting with customers on Facebook. They have a landing page on their Facebook page instead of the wall. They are quick to respond to customers posts. They use Facebook to increase the awareness of their products. They encourage fans to submit photos. They don’t shy away from tough discussions. If someone is complaining about Dollar Tree on Fackbook they try and make it right. They look for employees through Facebook. There is a career section on the page. They have employees interact with the Facebook page.



How Restaurants are using Social Media

Restaurants are using social media to engage with the customer by listening and answering questions and concerns. I would say it’s another version of customer service. They also need to come up with a marketing plan for social media. This is where people are at now and you will be able to reach them. mcd

According to Forbes the top restaurant using social media is McDonald’s. Here are some metrics they used to measure McDonald’s social media use.

  • Engagement 709,000
  • Earned Impressions 442,000,000
  • Impressions 105,000,000
  • Active Participants 533,000
  • Followers 69,000,000
  • Brand Posts 8,000

On the social media sites McDonald’s is advertising new products, promotes sweepstakes, and engages with the community. They are currently running a transparency campaign for people who are concerned about what is the food that McDonald’s prepare. It answers the question about ingredients are used in the food and how the food is prepared.

The next two on the list in the top 10 are KFC and Pizza Hut. They are both owed by Yum Brands as well as Taco Bell. I know this because I used to work for Taco Bell. So I’m surprised to find that Taco Bell made it on the list as 14th. Shouldn’t they be up there with the others? While I was working for Taco Bell I know they tried to promote healthier eating campaign with the fresco menu. It was basically removing higher fat ingredients like the sauces and adding healthier ingredients like tomatoes. I know they were also trying to promote the fourth meal. Not sure if they are still doing that. They are targeting millennial’s on sites like Snapchat and Vine.

4th mealKFC came in second place on the Forbes list. They use social media to promote their brand emphasis on family values and they give away free chicken and offer coupons.


Pizza Hut has a campaign out on the new hand tossed pizza crusts. They encourage conversations with across all social sites. On Facebook they upload photos of different pizzas that you can create. They have ten new crust flavors, 5 new toppings, 6 new sauces and 4 new drizzles. They encourage customers to create a new pizza idea with all the ingredients and post the pictures, Hopefully a new pizza creation will take off.


Starbucks has a large following of 48 million. They have a huge reach. They launched their first campaign Meet Me at Starbucks. It’s a mini documentary on day in the life of Starbucks. It was shot 28 different countries. This idea came from monitoring customers on social media. They were listening to the customers on Youtube. They were seeing videos of people in Starbucks from around the world. From the video, “Every day around the world, millions of people gather at Starbucks, but it’s never been just about the coffee.”

Optimize and Improve your personal LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is a professional social media site for personal and business pages. Some people have a LinkedIn page but don’t know how to use it. This is what you need to know on to use a personal page effectively. When updating a status post, use it for business updates not for personal irrelevant content. Link to your blog posts. Don’t make a new group, join a few first. Only write recommendations for people that you can vouch for in a professional way.


Another way to look at LinkedIn is using it as a network hub.

  • Be Searchable – Use keywords in the headlines, job description, and summary.
  • Direct Traffic – Include links to your other social media sites and blog posts.
  • Give it 100% – Try to complete your LinkedIn page as close as you can to 100%.
  • Expand – Expand your social network by sending invites to business contacts, friends, family and twitter followers.
  • Get Connected through Groups – Join groups who have similar interests as yours. Once you have joined a group, begin interacting with other individuals. Stay active by frequently sharing links, commenting and asking questions.

3 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.

A well crafted profile on LinkedIn is a necessity for job hunters today. Having a personal page can help you find a job on LinkedIn. You want your page to be found. Find companies in your geographic area and follow them. Find jobs that are in plain sight. Take time to scroll through the updates section on main page, you will find posts by hiring managers. Seize the opportunity to engage with your contacts.

How to Optimize Your Personal LinkedIn Profile.

  1. Fill out your page completely.
  2. Add a professional picture. Having a picture can make all the difference. Make sure your picture is up to date.
  3. Customize your URL. It’s better to have a URL with your name and not numbers.
  4. If you have a personal website, add a LinkedIn badge.
  5. Optimize for keywords.
  6. Add, remove, and rearrange sections of your profile. Rearrange sections of your profile to have most important items at the top.
  7. Get endorsed skills.
  8. Ask for recommendations.
  9. Join and participate in groups.
  10. While making major updates, turn off your activity broadcasts. People will get a notification whenever you update your profile.

Maybe you just need a quick fix to improve your profile. Most people have incomplete profiles. To help you complete your profile add your work history from the last 10 years. Add skills and certifications. Don’t use the default headings. Instead use the headings to advertise your career level and competencies. You need to network to get found. Join a group and update phone number and a email address.

How to create a Google + page for your business

A good way to build traffic and connections with customers is by creating a Google+ page for your business. Google + is similar to a Facebook page. You have to setup a profile about your business and then you can start posting. To create a Google Plus page, you pick a category that fits your business. You can pick from local business or place, product or brand and etc. Add your basic information for your business and then begin customizing your page by adding photos. Once everything is setup you can start to share content. For more information on how to create a Google Plus for your business follow this link.

Here are some examples of business Google+ pages.

Google + business page Purina Beggin is for dog treats. They are using google + by posting videos of dogs enjoying Purina Beggin strips. Tons of cute dogs with treats on their Google + page.

Digby BegginThey promoted an event for Beggin Pet Parade for Mardi Gras. Dress your pooch up in costumes and Mardi Gras gear. They have a link to their YouTube page were you can watch more videos of dogs and their treats. The people they have in their circles are The Purina Network and Purina Tidy Cats. You have the option to follow more Purina pages.

On the Chevrolet Google + page, the first thing I see on the page is the cover photo of their new car the Cruze. They have posted a lot of photos and videos of their cars and trucks. They also show mini expert tips to take care of your car like take the penny test. Take penny to measure the tread of your tires. You will know if you need new tires by measuring with that penny.


The Campbell Soup Company page. If you go to their YouTube page they have videos of the company and their employees giving back to the community. The videos are called Make a Difference Week Real Food that matters for life’s moments. The employees volunteer in a soup kitchen to provide meals to the homeless and plant trees at a local school. They have positive messages and the end of the videos like volunteering helps us work better as a team.

Subway restaurants Google page has videos on their YouTube page about where their food products come from. It’s called from seed to sandwich. A lot of people are more conscious about where the food they eat comes from. They have videos on where they grow their grain, tomatoes, spinach and pickles. Other than the YouTube channel this should be an example on how to use a Google + page because they don’t have anything on about section and they haven’t posted anything.

Gordmans a retail store uses their Google + page to advertise clothes by showing pictures of shoes and dresses. They also post when they are having special sales in the stores like 50% off on all clearance between March 20 to 22.

How to create and use YouTube for Business

YouTube is another social media site that you should have for your business. Posting videos of demos and introductions to products can drive traffic to your website and other social media sites.

YouTube-fire-lightHow to Create a YouTube Account for Business

This article has 3 main points to help you get a YouTube account started.

  1. How to create a YouTube Business Account. Create a Google+ page so you can tie YouTube to your page. Google+ most efficient way to way to create a YouTube account.
  2. Your YouTube Channel Page talks about the different tabs you can have.
  3. YouTube Creator Studio to create content for your page.

This is a useful article because it helps give you an overview on how to setup up an account for business.

YouTube For Business Top 10 Strategies & Best Practices

Use YouTube as a tool like the other social media sites to drive traffic to your website.businessstrategy

Make sure you are posting content not just ads. Become the face of your business. People want to interact with other people. Everybody starts at zero, don’t get discourage at first if you don’t get a lot of traffic. Make your you always have a call to action.

This article gives you some tips and best practices for posting to YouTube. There are 3 videos to watch for examples.

12 Tips for Using YouTube for Your Small Business

Keep the content coming. The most popular YouTube channels are those that have high volumes of consistently updated content. Get Interactive. People will watch your videos and leave comment. Keep the conversation going. Customize your channels with colors, images, links, and relevant information. Write a description on your videos that is short, informative and multipurpose.

As a small business you can get some ideas from this article. According to this article ,just because you create a YouTube channel, doesn’t mean people will go looking for it. As part of an effective YouTube strategy, make sure you spread the word.

And if your not sure if you should set up a YouTube account for business you read this article, Benefits of YouTube for business.

These are the benefits of using YouTube:

  • Demonstrating products and expertise
  • Creating Community
  • Showing your brand’s personality
  • Levering events and promotions
  • Solving customers’ problems
  • Reduce costs and drive sales

Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel. This article uses infographics to explain how to optimize your YouTube channel. More than 70 percent of B2B and B2C companies are investing in video marketing this year. Don’t fall behind get a YouTube channel created. Make sure you setup a channel with a sleek branded design. Use diverse videos to reach unique audiences. Generate stand out thumbnails. Optimize videos for maximum SEO. Create conversations around videos to engage with the customer. Build loyalty among viewers.

Using Twitter for Business Marketing Purposes

Twitter is one of social media sites that businesses should use for marketing. It’s one of the most popular social media sites. You would definitely miss out on marketing to a large audience by not being on twitter. You can reach people using twitter from the website or by the mobile app. Tweets that you post are indexed by google so they can be searchable. Increase your SEO.

tAfter you sign up for a twitter account you can begin tweeting. Your tweets should not be more that 140 characters. The benefits of twitter are you can share information with consumers and market to enhance your brand. Interacting with customers to provide better customer service.


Tweets should be frequent and should have relevant content. Have conversations with followers and include links, pictures, videos, and hashtags to increase customer engagement. To increase business, its a good idea to use twitter to network. Network by following people are well know in your industry like companies and journalist. Then look at your followers and engage with them. Last look for users that are most likely to retweet your content.

Use twitter to drive traffic to your website or other social media sites. Post relevant content and engage with your followers. You can automate your tweets through HootSuite and Buffer. Increase your reach through promotion. For example offer a special  incentive to people who retweet your content. Or get people to answer questions on your twitter feed. Hold a hashtag campaign by asking members of a specific target market to use a specific hashtag for a certain event or during a specific time.

You can search twitter for a certain hashtag or you can see who mentions your business. By searching for mentions of your business you can rate the success or failure of a product or service. You can see how your business rates with customer service or response to a crisis. If you see somebody mention that they had a horrible experience with your business you can respond to them and get a chance to make things right with the customer.

For more information on how to use twitter for business follow this link.