5 Retailers and how they use Social Media

Retailers are using social media to engage with the customer by listening and answering questions and concerns. They also need to come up with a marketing plan for social media. This is where people are at now and you will be able to reach them.

Walmart uses Facebook to show how its brand has grown over time. They post images, hold caption competitions, and and sports chat. They have 26 million Facebook fans. They use Twitter to post questions, sport topics and caption contests. They have a Pinterest account to promote green living and product ideas.


JCPenney has 2.7 million Facebook fans. They post to inform their customers what is going on with the store. They post the new styles by showing showing pictures of new lines of clothing. They post new home decor and sale announcements. They want to engage with the custojcpmer by asking open-ended questions. JCPenney has a Twitter account that focuses more on customer service. They post videos on Youtube not to promote products but to let the customers know what’s going on with the company. They do use Pinterest to promote products though. They post pictures of clothes, home decor, and etc.


Kohl’s asks fans to vote on their Facebook page on which items they prefer discounts on. They post about their favorite designers and brands. Kohl’s has a Twitter page and they post in a way to get people talking about their products. They have Youtube videos offering styling tips and new products. The Pinterest page promote the contest Hauls of Fame.

Lowe’s uses Facebook to communicate with customers. Lowe’s twitter page raises community awareness. They answer questions and concerns with customers. The Pinterest pages has project ideas for around the house like for landscaping and interior design. They also have grilling recipes on the board.


Dollar Tree is big into connecting with customers on Facebook. They have a landing page on their Facebook page instead of the wall. They are quick to respond to customers posts. They use Facebook to increase the awareness of their products. They encourage fans to submit photos. They don’t shy away from tough discussions. If someone is complaining about Dollar Tree on Fackbook they try and make it right. They look for employees through Facebook. There is a career section on the page. They have employees interact with the Facebook page.



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