How Restaurants are using Social Media

Restaurants are using social media to engage with the customer by listening and answering questions and concerns. I would say it’s another version of customer service. They also need to come up with a marketing plan for social media. This is where people are at now and you will be able to reach them. mcd

According to Forbes the top restaurant using social media is McDonald’s. Here are some metrics they used to measure McDonald’s social media use.

  • Engagement 709,000
  • Earned Impressions 442,000,000
  • Impressions 105,000,000
  • Active Participants 533,000
  • Followers 69,000,000
  • Brand Posts 8,000

On the social media sites McDonald’s is advertising new products, promotes sweepstakes, and engages with the community. They are currently running a transparency campaign for people who are concerned about what is the food that McDonald’s prepare. It answers the question about ingredients are used in the food and how the food is prepared.

The next two on the list in the top 10 are KFC and Pizza Hut. They are both owed by Yum Brands as well as Taco Bell. I know this because I used to work for Taco Bell. So I’m surprised to find that Taco Bell made it on the list as 14th. Shouldn’t they be up there with the others? While I was working for Taco Bell I know they tried to promote healthier eating campaign with the fresco menu. It was basically removing higher fat ingredients like the sauces and adding healthier ingredients like tomatoes. I know they were also trying to promote the fourth meal. Not sure if they are still doing that. They are targeting millennial’s on sites like Snapchat and Vine.

4th mealKFC came in second place on the Forbes list. They use social media to promote their brand emphasis on family values and they give away free chicken and offer coupons.


Pizza Hut has a campaign out on the new hand tossed pizza crusts. They encourage conversations with across all social sites. On Facebook they upload photos of different pizzas that you can create. They have ten new crust flavors, 5 new toppings, 6 new sauces and 4 new drizzles. They encourage customers to create a new pizza idea with all the ingredients and post the pictures, Hopefully a new pizza creation will take off.


Starbucks has a large following of 48 million. They have a huge reach. They launched their first campaign Meet Me at Starbucks. It’s a mini documentary on day in the life of Starbucks. It was shot 28 different countries. This idea came from monitoring customers on social media. They were listening to the customers on Youtube. They were seeing videos of people in Starbucks from around the world. From the video, “Every day around the world, millions of people gather at Starbucks, but it’s never been just about the coffee.”


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