Social CRM Tips

Social CRM is customer relationship management using social media sites. Monitoring what people are saying about a particular company, product or promotion. Engage with people on social media sites if you are a business.

headphonesIt can be hard for a company to monitor all the social media sites. First thing a company should do is make sure they have a good platform for conducting social CRM. Do your research and make sure your company is on the right social media sites. Make sure you have the right resources. Make sure your team is ready to handle social CRM. Use social media tools to help identify and engage who talking about your company. Use social media tools like SocialMention and nimble. You can try these tools for free and there are plenty of tools out on the web that are for free.

Reward your loyal customers. Retain your loyal customers by offering discounts are free goodies.

Use the list and group feature. For example create lists for separate categories for clients, prospects, and desired clients. You will be able to create different social campaigns to keep your customers involved.

Talk to your customers. Fix problems and ask for opinions of products or promotions. See what gets people talking about your company in a positive way. Put a human name on the social media conversations. People want to interact with people not with a whole company. This helps build relationships with the customer.

Make sure your social media messaging is consistent with with your brand image.

Monitor what your customer are saying about you and response quickly. By responding quickly it shows that care about the customer experience. Maybe you will be able to fix a problem a customer is having before your company gets negative attention.

Make sure customers know how and when to reach you. Unify and centralize customer related communications. Have one portal where communication with customers is available to everyone in the company.

Post frequently asked questions on your Facebook page or provide links to your FAQ page. By posting this the FAQ this can save a lot of time. This will give a company time to answer tougher questions quicker.

Do not ignore basic CRM functions. Assign tasks, logging call notes and follow up meetings are still important today.

17 tips for achieving Social CRM Sucess

Social CRM is important for any company. News spreads fast in the social media world. That is why it is important to communicate with your customers quickly to solve problems. If a customer is having an issue you have the opportunity to fix the issue before your company is getting negative publicity. Maybe a customer is looking for a quick answer. You will be able to answer the question if you are monitoring social media. Maybe it’s an issue that your company was not aware of until now and you can fix a product or service.


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