Optimize and Improve your personal LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is a professional social media site for personal and business pages. Some people have a LinkedIn page but don’t know how to use it. This is what you need to know on to use a personal page effectively. When updating a status post, use it for business updates not for personal irrelevant content. Link to your blog posts. Don’t make a new group, join a few first. Only write recommendations for people that you can vouch for in a professional way.


Another way to look at LinkedIn is using it as a network hub.

  • Be Searchable – Use keywords in the headlines, job description, and summary.
  • Direct Traffic – Include links to your other social media sites and blog posts.
  • Give it 100% – Try to complete your LinkedIn page as close as you can to 100%.
  • Expand – Expand your social network by sending invites to business contacts, friends, family and twitter followers.
  • Get Connected through Groups – Join groups who have similar interests as yours. Once you have joined a group, begin interacting with other individuals. Stay active by frequently sharing links, commenting and asking questions.

3 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.

A well crafted profile on LinkedIn is a necessity for job hunters today. Having a personal page can help you find a job on LinkedIn. You want your page to be found. Find companies in your geographic area and follow them. Find jobs that are in plain sight. Take time to scroll through the updates section on main page, you will find posts by hiring managers. Seize the opportunity to engage with your contacts.

How to Optimize Your Personal LinkedIn Profile.

  1. Fill out your page completely.
  2. Add a professional picture. Having a picture can make all the difference. Make sure your picture is up to date.
  3. Customize your URL. It’s better to have a URL with your name and not numbers.
  4. If you have a personal website, add a LinkedIn badge.
  5. Optimize for keywords.
  6. Add, remove, and rearrange sections of your profile. Rearrange sections of your profile to have most important items at the top.
  7. Get endorsed skills.
  8. Ask for recommendations.
  9. Join and participate in groups.
  10. While making major updates, turn off your activity broadcasts. People will get a notification whenever you update your profile.

Maybe you just need a quick fix to improve your profile. Most people have incomplete profiles. To help you complete your profile add your work history from the last 10 years. Add skills and certifications. Don’t use the default headings. Instead use the headings to advertise your career level and competencies. You need to network to get found. Join a group and update phone number and a email address.


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