How to create a Google + page for your business

A good way to build traffic and connections with customers is by creating a Google+ page for your business. Google + is similar to a Facebook page. You have to setup a profile about your business and then you can start posting. To create a Google Plus page, you pick a category that fits your business. You can pick from local business or place, product or brand and etc. Add your basic information for your business and then begin customizing your page by adding photos. Once everything is setup you can start to share content. For more information on how to create a Google Plus for your business follow this link.

Here are some examples of business Google+ pages.

Google + business page Purina Beggin is for dog treats. They are using google + by posting videos of dogs enjoying Purina Beggin strips. Tons of cute dogs with treats on their Google + page.

Digby BegginThey promoted an event for Beggin Pet Parade for Mardi Gras. Dress your pooch up in costumes and Mardi Gras gear. They have a link to their YouTube page were you can watch more videos of dogs and their treats. The people they have in their circles are The Purina Network and Purina Tidy Cats. You have the option to follow more Purina pages.

On the Chevrolet Google + page, the first thing I see on the page is the cover photo of their new car the Cruze. They have posted a lot of photos and videos of their cars and trucks. They also show mini expert tips to take care of your car like take the penny test. Take penny to measure the tread of your tires. You will know if you need new tires by measuring with that penny.


The Campbell Soup Company page. If you go to their YouTube page they have videos of the company and their employees giving back to the community. The videos are called Make a Difference Week Real Food that matters for life’s moments. The employees volunteer in a soup kitchen to provide meals to the homeless and plant trees at a local school. They have positive messages and the end of the videos like volunteering helps us work better as a team.

Subway restaurants Google page has videos on their YouTube page about where their food products come from. It’s called from seed to sandwich. A lot of people are more conscious about where the food they eat comes from. They have videos on where they grow their grain, tomatoes, spinach and pickles. Other than the YouTube channel this should be an example on how to use a Google + page because they don’t have anything on about section and they haven’t posted anything.

Gordmans a retail store uses their Google + page to advertise clothes by showing pictures of shoes and dresses. They also post when they are having special sales in the stores like 50% off on all clearance between March 20 to 22.

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