5 Articles to help you get started with Pinterest

Using Pinterest for your business can bring more traffic to your business website and to your social media sites. Pinterest is a social media site that is all about visual content. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn and YouTube.


It’s a good idea to see if Pinterest works best for your business. I have found some articles on Pinterest for business to see if it’s a good fit for you. The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for business has a short video on statics of Pinterest. More women use Pinterest than men. Definitely what to have a Pinterest page if you are marketing to women. The first step is to plan for pinning success. I think this is the most important step because all the other steps after this one depends on how well you plan. The last step is to research and measure your results.

Why should you use Pinterest? Because it can increase awareness of your business, additional blog traffic, get new leads, and increase your sales. Here is a beginners guide for business on Pinterest. This post helps you with the basics, boards and pins, and the last step get your content out there.

Here is another post on how to get started with Pinterest for business. This blog says what kind of businesses must be on Pinterest, like home improvement, travel and beauty. Best practices for business is to Pin at least once a day, always check links before pinning, create new pins based on your products and etc.

Once you understand how to use pinterest you can start to be a little more strategic with your board. 12 Most Strategic Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing gives you some great ideas to help you to market your board. Create boards with keywords in your title. Use the description to spread your ideas. Share your pins and boards on other social media sites.

If you need help with anything on Pinterest with marketing your business, here is blog with 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest. This blog gives you advice to help you with your content marketing mix. Here is one of the marketing ideas, consider creating thank you boards for current and past clients that send special appreciative messages.

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