9 Twitter Tools that are FREE

I have put together a list of FREE twitter tools that hopefully you will find useful. I have everything here from monitoring to hashtag tools. t

1. My Top Tweet is an app that finds your top 10 tweets or it can find anyone’s top ten tweets. This app will read tweets from your timeline and see who you follow.


2. SocialBro is a that analyzes data on twitter. One of the features are to find your target audience by discovering new followers and target twitter influences. This program has an engage feature that helps you find the best time to tweet and tailor your content. Other features include analyzing your tweets and campaign management.SocialBro+Logo+HD+PNG

3. Chat Salad is a twitter for chats. Go to this site to see scheduled twitter chats as well as the hashtag associated with it. social rank

4. SocialRank identifies, organize and manages your followers on twitter. It identifies all your followers and their profiles. It creates lists by most valuable, most engaged, best followers, and most followed followers. You can filter these lists by keywords, geographic location, interests and activities.

5. Swayy analyzes content, user behavior and social signals to better understand what drives engagement. It allows you to add personalized  content recommendations inside your applications. Send users a newsletter with relevant content and this can help you increase user retention and increase trust in the your brand. Add a widget with interesting links to the bottom of your content to give users relevant data to keep their reading experience going.

6. Twipho is an app that searches photos on a twitter feed. You search by keyword or locations to find photos shared on twitter.


7. Tweepi is management tools that cleans up your followers. This tool can flush out the unfollowers, cleans up followers who are inactive and it can help to force certain people to unfollow you.

8. Hashtagify.me finds, analyzes and amplifies hashtags. This tools helps you find a particular hashtag and popular hashtags. This tool has full hashtag tracking, measure the influence of the hashtag and find and reach top influencers.

9. Twilert is a tool that alerts you through email when your brand name, keywords and hashtags are mentioned on twitter. It alerts you when someone is talking about your brand name. Monitor what people are saying about you and this can be a good tool for customer service. You can decide what keywords you want to be alerted on. Twilert-banner

There are plenty of free twitter tools. If you are interested in finding out about other follow this link.

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