Examples of Good Facebook Pages

Fox 2 Now is a good example of a Facebook page. First thing I see when I get on the page is the cover photo and profile picture. I think it represents the St. Louis area news station. I’m following this page on my Facebook and I know they have no problem with posting on their page. I think they post at least every hour or every other hour. The reason I think this is a good page is because they post about weather alerts, traffic alerts, and news stories. You will be up to date on whats going on around the St. Louis area. They do have new stories from around the world but not as many as locally. They have their pages with links to app to pinterest and contests. They also make you aware of events going on around the area.


DWI Checkpoint Alerts St. Louis is a clever Facebook page. This page sends alerts to your Facebook news feed when they know where a DWI checkpoint is or where there are speed traps at. I think its an interesting way to get mass amounts of people to follow your page. Nobody wants to get a ticket, so people want to follow this page to avoid getting a ticket. Facebook fans share information on where they see cops conducting speed traps. The page is actually set up by traffic law. They always encourage getting a taxi or having a sober driver but if you get a ticket contact traffic law.com.

Here are some pages that I found that are good examples:


Fanta has a Facebook page in 3D. This is the first page I seen were it is in 3D!

Oreo1-765x479.jpgOreo’s page has 30 million fans. In the cover photo they have the birthday of the day. They put a photo of the persons birthday and wishes them a happy birthday.


Sharpie interacts with fans by sharing their art. Right on the cover photo of this page it says you can make your own music video.

The problem I see with business pages is that they create the page and post a couple of things and then kind of forget about it. I just went through the business pages I was following and almost all of them quit posting on the page. That is a sure way of being forgotten.

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