Helpful Inbound Marketing Tips


Inbound marking starts with creating remarkable content that spreads through social media, attracts links that drives up rankings in google. People are looking for information. With inbound marketing you want people to be able to find you. To be found you have to create remarkable content. If you have great content this will attract links from other websites. Good content is easily and quickly shared on social media.

For inbound marketing to work you need to have a website with good content on it and you need to set up social media accounts. If you are a business you need to create a fan page that’s just for the business.

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You need to set up a blog. Make sure that you write an effective blog. Effective blogs will improve your search engine ratings. The blog title is just as important as the content in the blog post. Let google find you. Want search engine optimization to find your blog title. Need to have important keywords and phases on your post. Google has three criteria keywords to optimize your website relevance, value, and difficulty. Share the blog link to your social media accounts. Encourage your readers to leave comments. It’s important to engage with customers when they leave comments or ask questions. Don’t forget to subscribe to relevant blogs in the same industry. All of this helps to get found and potentially reach new customers.

It’s important to measure your progress and content.

  • Need to track the number of websites linking to your website.
  • Need to track the number of times someone shares your content on social media.
  • Need to track the number of pages your site has been indexed by google.

If the results aren’t what you want to you need to change your content or fix the way your sharing your information. Once you get your website and content found, need to convert visitors into leads and then to paying customers. Get visitors to engage to take some sort of action. Call to action gives users information. Get them to subscribe to your email, filling out a form, or request a demo are some examples. Have the call to actions at the tops of the page, if not visitor may not see it or become impatient and move on to the competitor. Always have a call to action and never just say contact us. Use landing pages to do this. A landing page is a specific page for a targeted market that has specific content.

Here is an example of a landing page:


Another example of a landing page.

The landing page is the final step to convert a visitor into a lead. A good landing page can convert 50% of visitors but a poor one converts less than 1%. Next is to convert these leads into customers. Send qualified leads to the sales people but don’t forget about the unqualified leads. They may become customers in the future. Follow up with these leads but not as often as the qualified leads. See where these leads are coming from for example are they coming from referrals. See how often these leads are visiting your website. Make sure to track all your progress to make sure what your doing is working for you.


Last thing you should do is see how you compare with the competition.

  • See who has more inbound links.
  • See how many fans you have on your facebook page compared to your competitor.
  • See who has more traffic on there website.
  • Do a search on google to look for number of results.

This blog should be helpful in getting someone started with inbound marketing.

Please share your thoughts or share anything that can be of value that I have messed.

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