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Here are some blogs that you should subscribe to if you are needing some guidance with inbound marketing and social media. I subscribed to these blogs because I think they have interesting knowledgeable information.

Whats Up In The World is one of my subscribed to blogs. I think connecting with customers with a mobile device is the future for marketing called mobile marketing. Using social media for your mobile campaigns is a must read post. There are also posts on how to make a search engine optimization company work for you and effective ways at measuring social media success.


Inbound Marketing Blog This blog gives advice on how to redesign your website to how to get your website to make you money. I like this blog because it talks about marketing with current events. There’s a post on marketing wins and losses from super bowl. Talks about which commercials were good and which ones were bad. The post calls to action and ask what do you think about the super bowl ads.

I found a social media blog that helps you write effective blogs using social media. I see posts that other blogs aren’t really discussing like guest blogging etiquette and facebooks graph search optimization. I have never heard about this before this post. You can search facebook and ask questions and get answers based on what your friends like. You can also get answers from business pages around the search area with the most likes. Instead of answers based on friends you can do it base on popularity.


 Internet Marketing Blog is the inbound internet marketing blog that covers all the inbound marketing. It covers SEO, blogging, social media, landing pages, lead generation and analytics. They have unique posts like 3 social media marketing goof-ups you probably have fallen prey to and the perfect photo will get your blog shared.

This blog I find to be an important one Bill Mullins Weblog –  Tech thoughts. The posts are about how to’s. How to fix software applications or how to use them more efficiently.  Some of the posts are 6 ways to bring the streaming video site into your living room, how to recover lost photos from your phone or camera and Skype fails: 5 of the worst problems and how to fix them. I know I would find this blog useful. I’m always having issues with programs and then not knowing how to solve the problem.  Then there is interesting tips to make your life easier.

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